Boston CS Series CS225 Centralni

Boston CS Series CS225 Centralni

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Centralni zvučnik koji će iskristalizirati dijaloge - odličan dodatak za ljubitelje filmova Edited 05.08.2016.

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Centralni je zvučnik zadužen za reprodukciju gotovo svih dijaloga na filmu. Znajući ovo, Boston Acoustics CS 225 postat će idealnim dodatkom vašem sistemu zvučnika za kućno kino, ali i glazbenom sistemu.

Sastoji se od visokokvalitetnih komponenti i kadar je reproducirati vrlo široki frekvencijski raspon. Kortecov visokotonac omogućuje kristalno čiste visoke frekvencije dok grafitne sub jedinice isporučuju nevjerojatnu količinu basa bez potrebe za golemom snagom iz pojačala.

Center Channel Speaker Provides Immersive Sound

With the CS 225C II Center Channel Speaker, you can enjoy your favorite media in richly detailed stereo sound. The speaker features a rectangular cabinet engineered for optimal acoustics. Pair it with other speakers from the Classic II series to create an expansive, cinematic soundstage. 

Audio Technologies Deliver Stunning Performance

The CS 225C II is outfitted with Boston Acoustics' best audio technologies. The speaker incorporates Boston's Deep Channel Design: the polymer woofers are injected with graphite, allowing them to produce a more resonant bass sound without bottoming out. The tweeters feature a soft-dome design and have been treated with a stiffening agent to eliminate the high-frequency feedback that usually accompanies metal tweeters. Together, the tweeters and woofers are able to reproduce frequencies ranging from 80 Hz to 25 KHz, ensuring faithful playback of your sound and music. 

Smart Design Enhances Audio Experience

The CS 225C II also incorporates other smart audio-enhancing features. The speaker wires are equipped with five-way gold-plated binding posts, which ensure a secure and reliable wire connection. The gold plates also help preserve signal transfer, minimizing frequency losses and gaps. Additionally, the speaker features MagnaGuard magnetic shielding, which helps prevent video interference when it is placed close to your screen. 

Easy, Flexible Installation Options

The CS 225C II is designed for a quick and flexible installation. The speaker features a box design and can be mounted on a wall or simply placed on the floor. Keyhole wall brackets are built into the speaker to ease wall-mounting. In addition, the speaker's wires are extra pliable, allowing you to place it wherever you choose. 

Stylish Wooden Finish

The CS 225C II matches its exceptional audio quality with equally exceptional style. The speaker boasts two finish options; each complements a variety of furniture styles. It also features a traditional box cabinet, giving it a classic, balanced aesthetic. 

The Goal of the Classic II Series

Boston's Classic II Series was designed to offer consumers an affordable, entry-level speaker solution without sacrificing sound quality. The series continues Boston's tradition of creating stylish, high-performance box speakers. 

Boston Acoustics creates all of its speakers following a smart approach to product design--sensible, useful, smart design features combined with contemporary styling. The Classic II series is no exception: each speaker in the series has been engineered using Boston's finest technologies to deliver outstanding performance. 

The CS 225C II 5-1/4-Inch Center Channel Speaker is backed by a five-year manufacturer's warranty, subject to the full warranty terms and conditions.


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Frequency Range (±3dB)
80Hz – 25kHz
Recommended Amplifier
15 – 175 watts
89dB [SPL/2.8V at 1m]
Nominal Impedance
8 ohms
Crossover Frequency
Fraction (5 ¼ ) (133mm) DCD Graphite injected polymer woofer
High-Frequency Driver
1” (25mm) Kortec Soft Dome
Dimensions (H x W x D)
6-5/8 x 16-5/16 x 8-5/16” (16.5 cm X 41.5 cm X 21 cm)
13 lbs (6kg)

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